Corporate governance

Corporate governance is a critical pillar of Thiess' operations.

We pair a lean and flexible structure with strategic rigour to ensure responsible, sustainable growth. Our governance framework creates the structure needed to provide accountability, as well as oversight and guidance.

Thiess’ financial objectives and corporate governance guidelines are established through our shareholder, CIMIC Group. These guidelines are an essential part of building confidence and maintaining solid relationships with our clients, stakeholders and staff. They are the key to our continued growth and success.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour we expect from all of our people.

Annual Report

Our Group Annual Report reflects earnings from across CIMIC Group.

Ethics Line

We encourage our employees, sub-contractors and partners to voice their concerns should they come across potentially unethical practices. People who speak up in good faith will be supported by the CIMIC Group for doing the right thing.

In some circumstances, people will prefer to speak to someone other than their manager about their ethical questions or concerns. The CIMIC Ethics Line provides another way for our employees, sub-contractors and partners to raise issues and have them investigated and remain anonymous should they wish to. 

Our employees, sub-contractors and partners are encouraged to contact the Ethics Line if they are concerned that something doesn’t add up. For more information on the Ethics Line click here

You can also contact the Ethics Line via the online disclosure form, post or fax. For details visit the Stopline website.

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