Our COVID-19 response

The situation around COVID-19 continues to challenge and change.

As a global business, and team, it is absolutely critical that we each remain vigilant and strictly follow local regulations and Thiess rules that are in place to protect our health:

  1. Be disciplined in social (physical) distancing. This means keeping 1.5m distance from our colleagues, limiting face-to-face meetings and avoid all physical contact including handshakes or hugs. 
  2. Practice good hygiene. Follow cough and sneeze etiquette. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use hand sanitiser where required.
  3. Stay home if you’re unwell.  If you’re experiencing any respiratory symptoms (sore throat or runny nose) or a fever, do not attend work. This includes anyone experiencing mild symptoms. Seek medical advice and talk to your supervisor or manager. Ensure you complete health screening declarations before returning to work (as required by your workplace).
  4. Limit travel. Our Thiess COVID-19 Travel Protocol remains firmly in place. It covers any changes that may arise as a result of localised COVID-19 outbreaks. Travel is only permitted if it is business-critical and essential for: employees who work directly on our mine sites; or there is a safety or production requirement that urgently requires non-operational team members to attend mine sites in person.
  5. Use technology to stay connected and work together. 
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