Vision, Purpose and Principles

Our Vision

Harnessing the power of our people and technology, to pioneer sustainable resources solutions.

Our vision resonates with who we are, where we’ve come, and casts a future that we can all work towards. It recognises the pioneering spirit of Thiess and our need to pioneer again as we shift our business to deliver sustainable solutions for our clients, and it acknowledges the importance of our people and technology in reaching our future objectives.

Our Purpose

Thiess’ purpose is to create lasting value – for our clients, partners, suppliers, local communities and the environment.

Every day at Thiess, we aim to be exceptional – to listen, understand, and discover. We aim to innovate and think beyond to take people and projects forward. We design and deliver solutions that unlock potential and create pathways to greater performance. And we do what we say we will, knowing that every interaction and every experience drives the results we achieve as a team.

Together with our clients, partners and communities, our people transform possibilities into positive legacies. As we make a difference, we create lasting value. 

Our Principles

Thiess’ success over many years has been built on four key principles:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Delivery

Safety is more than principle; it underpins everything we do. Our safety-first culture guides our overarching objective – to keep everyone safe every day.

Our principles set out what is expected of our people and the way they should conduct themselves. They provide a framework within which our people can operate and make sensible decisions and go hand-in-hand with the concept of empowerment.

A company with a strong and clearly defined set of principles means that its people have alignment and consistency with the direction of the business. As we continue to grow as a global organisation, these principles are critical to ensuring we can operate in diverse markets with employees of different religions, ethnicity, political persuasion and gender.

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