Process automation is improving data accuracy and efficiency

February 01, 2022
  • Innovation

Thiess’ Asset Planning & Support team has enabled more efficient and cost-effective project delivery by improving data quality and accessibility for on and off-site team members.

By using intelligent bots and the Microsoft Power Platform the team has automated a number of business-critical reporting processes across our global operations to support better, faster decision making and task optimisation.

Asset Manager, Operational Support Jason Lisle shared how automated processing has enabled our technical and operations specialists to leverage multi-project data to drive operational consistency and improvements.

“The automated process enables daily data syncing from multiple business systems allowing our teams to track key metrics to continually improve performance,” Jason said.

“It’s also standardised our data entry enabling our teams to track and monitor performance across our projects globally to readily identify trends and improvement opportunities.”

Planning & Support Lead Mustapha Jamal-Eddine said reducing the need for manual data entry enables our people to focus on data analysis and action.

“We were able to automate our reporting processes with zero need for human intervention allowing our teams to invest time in driving corrective actions that support better delivery,” Mustapha said.

“For teams automating some of these processes means saving more than 12 hours of data entry per week.”

The Assets Planning & Support team are also leveraging the automated solution to improve communication between our office and project teams.

“For some reports we’ve been able to automate the compiling and distribution of feedback to enable greater collaboration and remove the need for constant back and forth emailing with our project teams,” Mustapha said.

“This makes it easier for our team to monitor, plan and progress innovations, drive continuous improvement and understand variations between our operations, globally.”

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