Thiess gained its start in coal mining in the 1940s. Since then, our expertise has grown to include most of the world’s commodities such as metallurgical and thermal coal, copper, diamonds, gold, iron ore, nickel and oil sands.


In underground, our experience spans copper, gold, nickel and, historically, zinc and uranium.

This multi-commodity capability provides two critical advantages to clients. The first is the natural benefit of commodity-specific experience. Our history, combined with our team’s current expertise and continued research into commodity-based methods and innovations, provide the right foundation for advanced mine engineering and execution. The second is the extended benefit of our multi-commodity capability. This enables our people to explore the transfer of methods, techniques, technologies, plant and equipment, systems, processes and numerous other enablers from one commodity to the next.

The result of our diverse capability is a precise, proven solution for each of our clients that considers commodity-specific principles and requirements, while leveraging a much broader suite of learnings and achievements. At all stages of the mining lifecycle, this drives productivity with a stronger grounding in economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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