Enabling services

Our capabilities enable our ability to continually deliver our services to clients with certainty.


Systems and processes 

Our insight, ability to optimise and assurance of certainty are made possible by our systems and processes. These support better decisions, drive productivity, reduce costs, manage compliance and improve efficiency. Particularly for frontline staff, they also minimise administration effort and empower our people to focus on data analysis and action as we cost-effectively meet operational challenges while delivering maximum flexibility and responsiveness.

The Thiess Governance System enables standardisation across our operations and activities to drive operational and sustainability excellence. It provides a starting point for projects to begin operations with a strong governance system in place, with the flexibility to embed specific project, contract and regulatory requirements.

Analytics and technology 

Our people apply advanced analytics and technology to improve data quality and accessibility; support better, faster decision making and task optimisation; rapidly manage production changes and performance; and drive operational consistency, productivity gains and continual improvement. We also use analytics and technology to deliver practical, cost-effective, smart innovations that enable greater efficiency, flexibility and productivity with lower unit costs.

Through Thiess’ strong relationships with OEMs and technology specialists, we have access to the very latest mining technology solutions. We combine that leading-edge insight with our extensive operational experience to provide a range of autonomous services and assist clients in realising the full benefits of automation sooner.

Health and safety 

Our objective is simple – to keep everyone safe every day. Strong leadership with visible, positive role models; industry-leading systems that are consistent and effective; total commitment from our people; and continual improvement and learning, are all part of our safety-first culture, delivering greater performance and reputational value for our clients. We continually challenge our leaders and our people to identify new, innovative strategies for improving health and safety. And we work with our clients to proactively contribute to a safety step change across our industry, globally.

Thiess’ award-winning lag-to-lead safety transformation program showcases how we are encouraging more effective safety behaviour by measuring and valuing actions that drive positive performance outcomes and deliver improvements before incidents occur. 

View our Health and Safety Policy


Industry-leading environmental management is a core capability at Thiess and is critical to helping our clients deliver on their sustainability commitments. We focus on identifying and proactively managing risks to minimise the impact of our operations and those of our clients. Our environmental experts work closely with our wider operations and technical teams to design and deliver integrated solutions that optimise mining operations. This spans areas such as water, impact reduction, air quality, land and rehabilitation management.

Our substantial experience ensures projects are positioned to deliver exceptional outcomes – and continuous monitoring, measurement and improvement provide the foundation to ensure positive results.


Thiess recognises and values that our role as a mining services provider is to contribute to sustainable economic and social progress. We collaborate with our clients to support their objectives in bringing their social performance policies to life. We do this by approaching all engagement in a way that positively involves communities and improves their understanding of projects. Building mutually beneficial relationships that lead to opportunities for local people underpins our social license to operate.

Significant social benefits are then made possible through local employment and training, local procurement, engagement with Indigenous affairs and community partnerships – tailored to each project and the regions in which we operate.

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