Investing in our people

Thiess is a trusted partner when it comes to building and sustaining people’s capacity to deliver excellence.


We offer a wealth of expertise in local training and capacity building – best exemplified through the nationally acclaimed work delivered in Indonesia since the 1980s.

We know how to design tailored, culturally sensitive training and development programs for locals new to mining, leveraging our proven, ready-to-mobilise capacity-building frameworks. This underpins stronger community relationships and delivers a more cost-effective and sustainable workforce, particularly in remote regions. It also empowers local people to access the benefits of employment in the mining sector.

Key initiatives include our:

  • Apprentice programs – typically in collaboration with leading regional training organisations, local community members undertake multi-year apprenticeships to graduate with recognised trade qualifications
  • Operator programs – our female-focused and award-winning Indigenous participation programs bring opportunities for long-term employment to under-represented groups by providing training to operate our equipment in a safe mining environment
  • Trade/craft programs – through Thiess’ designed maintenance training framework, we identify and create programs to address skill gaps for local tradespeople who have on-the-job experience but potentially no formal qualifications, or provide higher-level, tailored technician training for existing trade/craft people
  • Work experience and graduate programs – these give students and graduates in a range of disciplines opportunities to use and develop their learning, often with the goal of direct recruitment on completion of a structured program.

Clients gain the advantage of flexible, skilled workforces and training programs aligned to business objectives, wider cultural and regulatory requirements, and international industry benchmarks.

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