Holistic excellence

Our total lifecycle expertise means we know the levers to pull to achieve stronger results behind-the-scenes, giving our clients absolute confidence


Expert people management

Achieving optimal performance requires a fully engaged and aligned workforce. We have a strong history of managing effective employee and industrial relations and invest in a culture that continually encourages ideas and identifies improvement opportunities. Our team’s capabilities are central to high levels of productivity. Thiess also offers a wealth of expertise in local training and capacity building.

Proven systems

Thiess ensures consistent delivery across geographical borders, drawing on proven management systems to inform real-time decisions, optimise productivity and reduce costs. These minimise administration effort and free up resources to focus on data analysis and action. Our high-performance systems are ready to deploy, ensuring we cost-effectively meet operational challenges while delivering maximum flexibility and responsiveness.

Streamlined and supported workforce transition

Thiess’ extensive expertise in managing workforce transition programs provides surety in operational productivity and reputation management. We have a strong reputation for sustained improvement programs that deliver a step change in performance and cost. We leverage the experience and insight of our global team, and our reliable relationships with partners and suppliers in every region, to fast-track organisational change with certainty.

Specialist logistics

Thiess knows how to manage the complex logistics common to many mine operations around the world. Our warehousing capability is able to support multiple projects with unique storage and logistical needs at once. This includes the mobilisation of people, equipment and support services. We focus on upskilling and integrating local resources where possible to deliver the most reliable, cost-competitive service.

Business-smart innovation

Thiess has been at the forefront of mining innovation for more than 70 years, pioneering new methods and technologies. We transform good ideas into good business. This spans opportunities such as new or improved products and services, technology applications, improved processes, tailored methods, re-engineered finance arrangements, and safety and employee engagement initiatives. We challenge ideas and embrace change to develop cost-effective, smart solutions that enable greater efficiency, flexibility and productivity with lower unit costs.

Flexible commercial models

Thiess brings a unique understanding across a mine’s lifecycle as to what will create maximum value. We help clients achieve improved financial outcomes through the development of commercial solutions tailored to individual owner and mine objectives. We identify and assess more options and connect our clients with more opportunities. Our suite of proven, flexible commercial models is part of our commitment to delivering sustainable mining solutions. Then, we back our performance.

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