Practical sustainability

Thiess’ focus is to create lasting value. This has been the hallmark of our business for more than seven decades as we help our clients continually meet the dynamic requirements of the mining industry and make a real difference where it counts


Our comprehensive, integrated and tailored sustainability approach is what sets us apart as we:

  • Value our people and their safety
  • Deliver on our client commitments
  • Understand and add value to our clients’ businesses
  • Respect our partners, communities and environment
  • Challenge, innovate and evolve.

Sustainability encompasses all aspects of our service delivery and operations, with particular emphasis on health and safety, people, environment, community and business performance. We focus on these because they drive the greatest systemic value and positive change.

We are proactive, collaborative and flexible in solving sustainability issues through innovative design, planning and delivery, from pre-feasibility through to mine closure. This empowers:

  • Healthier and safer workforces
  • More productive teams aligned to our high-performance culture
  • Enhanced environmental management
  • Strong community and social performance outcomes
  • Compliant, ethical and commercially-sound operations.

We minimise impacts and enhance opportunities by listening first and then working with a wide range of stakeholders to create strategies that empower safe, productive, robust, reliable and cost-effective operations. Clients gain the advantage of our global knowledge-bank of sustainability learnings, programs and innovations to help meet obligations and unlock the greatest value.

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