Investing in our people

We offer our people opportunities to work on a diverse range of operations around the globe.


When you work with us, you can contribute to high-profile projects and work alongside some of the industry’s best talent. You will also gain the flexibility and scope to stretch yourself, to innovate, to build new skills and to advance your career. 

Our learning and development programs

As a diverse and growing company, we know what it takes to be successful – talented people that grow with us and deliver innovation, ingenuity and smart solutions to give our clients an advantage. We invest in our people to ensure they have an opportunity to grow, personally and professionally. It’s just one way we put our Thiess values into practice.

Our varied programs continue to build our employees’ capabilities and help establish talent pipelines throughout the business. These span training and development for undergraduates, an apprenticeship scheme, technical and functional management programs as well as leadership programs for our industry leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership programs

Leaders play a critical role in the success of any operation. Our leadership programs are designed to support emerging leaders in their personal development and enhance their abilities. These programs consider the role of knowledge, skills and influence in achieving tangible business results in rapidly changing environments.

The programs train people in key areas such as team management, change leadership, personal development, long-term strategic planning and corporate social responsibility. They also help people understand how their leadership style impacts on their workplace and how to inspire others to lead the changes required for business growth and transformation. Beyond our leadership programs, we have a series of internal award programs that recognise outstanding leadership and encourage the next generation of leaders.

Apprenticeship scheme

Investing in the next generation of workers is integral to playing our part as a socially responsible company. We also believe in realising individual potential.

Our apprenticeship and traineeship scheme is about young people learning on the job and getting the advantage of exceptional training with the security of paid work. They gain recognised qualifications through our partnerships with local TAFEs or Registered Training Organisations while learning practical skills and accessing opportunities to work on some of the biggest projects throughout Australia.

They start out with an induction program founded in real project principles – learning the importance of teamwork as well as technical skills. When they have finished the program, they are supported in gaining a placement with one of Thiess’ exciting projects.

For more information, visit our Apprenticeship Program page here.

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