Innovations in fixed plant


    A Thiess Sedgman Joint Venture (TSJV) resource project has set new standards in coal processing plant construction


    This is achieved by applying an innovative Bay Plant design, fabricating large parts of the major new plant off-site and preassembling large floor sections of vertical structures on the ground.

    The Lake Vermont CHPP can receive and handle coal at a rate of up to 5.6 million tonnes per annum (800 tonnes per hour) and is capable of producing two products – a coking coal product and a pulverised coal injection (PCI) product. Previously, CHPPs had required extensive design and drafting to develop each new plant, as well as extensive ‘stick’ erection work at heights.

    The application of the Bay Plant design provided certainty to Lake Vermont Resources in plant performance, cost and time management at project definition as well as a significant reduction in engineering man-hours and project timeframe. The joint venture is expanding the CHPP to further increase the annual output of the mine in a bid to reflect recent increases in shipping demand.


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