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Mining is dynamic. As an industry, we’re delivering digital advances to transform how we work. We’re building and powering communities and enterprises. 

We’re making possible technologies that didn’t exist even a decade ago. We’re continually breaking new ground. That’s what our clients do every day – and that’s where Thiess’ role begins.  

Global insight, local value 

We work with our clients to deliver mining excellence in Australia, Asia, and the Americas. For more than 85 years, we’ve operated in diverse commodities, geologies, environments and cultures. Our people channel that global experience and insight to create advantages for each project. A mine plan that optimizes operations. A smarter fleet. A sharper operations culture. An upskilled and mobile team. A community engaged and empowered. 

Optimized solutions 

While we thrive on sharing what we know, each mine faces unique challenges and opportunities. The real impact comes from understanding our clients’ needs and continually learning and improving with them. Across the mining lifecycle, our skilled team welcomes the pursuit of the best, tailored solutions. We work with our clients to safely position their operations for optimal efficiency, productivity and cost performance. 

Certainty of delivery 

Expertise and solutions are then brought to life by how we meet our commitments. Our clients know we deliver under all market conditions and finish what we start. Sustainable and profitable resource recovery, and the optimal ore head grade with the lowest strip ratio, stem from that certainty of delivery. Through our safety culture, repeatable processes, technology integration and more, our purpose to create lasting value starts today. And that’s because what excites us is the future and where we will go with our clients, communities, partners and people. 

Our team

We are miners too, and have successfully tackled most challenges and opportunities somewhere in the world, with more experience in establishing projects than any other provider in this market. Our pioneering spirit and can-do attitude make that possible. That said, no one knows this market like the people who live here. That’s why we’re building a local team able to bring local insight alongside the wider skills and experience at Thiess. The dual power of right here, combined with everywhere we’ve been, gives our people the ability to move and apply the correct solutions, quickly, in ways that count. 

Our expertise includes most of the world’s commodities, connecting clients with the natural benefit of commodity-specific experience and extended benefit from the transfer of methods, technologies, plant and equipment, systems and more. The result is a precise, proven solution for each of our clients. We can support anything needed across the mining value chain – from a full-service solution to a specific requirement – with a strong grounding in economic, environmental and social value and sustainability.  

Sustainability in action 

We’re committed to operating sustainably and integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our decision making and all aspects of our business. This positions us to deliver enduring value. At the core of our approach to sustainability is being a trusted services provider to clients, partners, suppliers, communities and wider stakeholders.  

Reclamation and rehabilitation

Mining is about value, and that value isn’t fully realized until land is returned to a sustainable state. Thiess offers world-leading reclamation and mine rehabilitation services by miners, who are also environmental experts. Clients gain better time and cost efficiency from immediate benefits and a lower whole-of-life cost, from a team with technical and operational expertise. They gain reduced risk from a partner with the track record, safety performance and in-depth regulatory insight to reduce project delivery risks and manage all aspects of mine reclamation and rehabilitation. And clients gain visible social value from tangible environmental results and the return of mined land to a sustainable state, providing lasting value for local communities. 

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