Our COVID-19 response

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the health, safety, and mental wellbeing of people around the world, including our teams, friends, families and communities.  

Throughout, we prioritised care for our people and communities and met our client commitments through: 
  • Supporting our office-based employees to work flexibly and from any location.  
  • Caring for our team with a focus on health, mental wellbeing and team connection.  
  • Leveraging digital technology to enable 174,600 weekly health declarations, perform temperature health checks and conduct virtual safety inspections using wearable technology.  
  • Reviewing and refining our controls and emergency response plans.  
  • Delivering regional community outreach programs to support COVID-19 management.  
  • Deploying comprehensive regional vaccination plans incorporating employees, their families and our host communities.  
  • Supporting our team members and families who experienced the loss of loved ones.  
  • Delivering Employee Assistance Program (EAP) COVID-19 sessions to employees (in all four regional languages) through our EAP providers (Gryphon Psychology and IRIDAT).

Case study: Saving lives through vaccination  


Thiess proactively incorporated vaccination programs into our COVID-19 efforts. Our programs were tailored to local needs and ranged from implementing vaccine education and awareness, to actively vaccinating our people and their families in line with local government responses. Assisted by regional vaccination programs in India, Mongolia, Canada, the US and Chile, more than 95 per cent of our team members in these countries are vaccinated.      

In Indonesia, Thiess participated in the government’s Gotong Royong vaccination program, purchasing vaccines for all employees, subcontractor personnel and family members. More than 20,000 vaccinations were delivered to up to 6,365 Thiess employees and subcontractors, and 2,271 family members were vaccinated as part of this program. As at the end of December 2021, 99 per cent of our Indonesian workforce was fully vaccinated with two doses. 

In Australia, a more complex and varied regulatory environment required a more nuanced approach, collaborating with our clients and stakeholders to ensure consistency with government requirements. Nationally, we’ve implemented programs to educate, encourage and support vaccination.   

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