Thiess is now a global mining powerhouse following the consolidation of all the Leighton Group’s mining operations under the Thiess umbrella.

This coming together of a vast array of mining experience gives Thiess a unique opportunity to become the world’s leading contract miner.

Prominent in the newly-combined Thiess global portfolio is the UHG coal mine in Mongolia. The Thiess Mongolia team mobilised at the remote South Gobi Desert site in 2008. The haul trucks were assembled in China and driven across the desert for three and a half days before they reached their destination.

Executive Director of the Thiess/Leighton operation in Mongolia Mark Bailey says his team was highly motivated to deliver leading mining practices to the local population.

“We had a real sense that we were not just pulling a mine or an industry up by its bootstraps, but we were picking an entire country up by its bootstraps,” Mark recalls.

His team had pioneered a new mine in one of the most remote and challenging environments on earth, where winter temperatures routinely sink below minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Thiess is also committed to delivering its industry knowledge to the communities and nations in which it operates. As is the case in Indonesia and now in Mongolia, Thiess has an advanced and accredited training regime for many of the diverse skills needed in the mining industry.

Visiting the site in November 2014, Thiess Managing Director Bruce Munro marvelled at what had been achieved.

“This is a terrific example of what Thiess is going to offer to clients all over the world as we take our product and sell it into other continent like Africa, Asia and North America.

“It’s a demonstration of our ability to work in remote and challenging sites, the size of the equipment we have to offer, the remarkable way this project was mobilised too … it’s a real credit to all involved and an example of what Thiess is able to do and the value we bring to our clients,” Bruce said.

For more on the remarkable UHG project, view the video above or visit our YouTube channel.