Successful community outcomes and positive social performance are achieved through integrity, understanding and recognition of community values


We balance today’s operational needs with future sustainable livelihoods through our commitment to maximising opportunities and minimising negative community impacts. This is what underpins our social licence to operate and empowers our clients to achieve their community objectives. Thiess creates and delivers significant social benefits through local employment and training, local procurement, community engagement and Indigenous affairs.

We seek to establish cohesive, supportive and stable local environments for our operations and enhance project competitiveness by:

  • Understanding stakeholder needs and industry trends to support and influence best-practice outcomes and manage stakeholder expectations specific to the regions in which we operate
  • Supporting initiatives that lead to local self-reliance through employment, training and vocational skills development, and engagement with local suppliers and subcontractors, creating full, fair and reasonable opportunities for participation in line with their capabilities
  • Being a proactive, approachable and positive community member, emphasising stakeholder relationships based on transparency and authenticity and positioning mines positively in the community
  • Emphasising community-aware workforce management and community investment to optimise community benefits and support communities throughout all stages of our projects.
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