Health and safety

Health and safety underpin everything we do at Thiess


We believe safe projects are successful projects. That’s why we place health and safety at the centre of our business, delivering greater performance and reputation value for our clients. We continually challenge our leaders and our people to identify new, innovative strategies for improving health and safety, working with our clients to proactively contribute to a safety step change across our industry, globally.

Our objective is simple – to keep everyone safe every day. Strong leadership with visible, positive role models; industry-leading systems that are consistent and effective; total commitment from our people; and continual improvement and learning, are all part of our safety-first culture. Our practical, authentic and tangible approach seeks to:

  • Provide an absolute focus on critical risk management to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities
  • Operate responsibly and ethically, always complying with statutory requirements
  • Foster a culture of personal responsibility and accountability for creating and maintaining a workplace that is healthy, safe and efficient.

View our Health and Safety Policy.

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