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How do I become a Thiess Supplier?

As a preference we select suppliers locally, nationally and then internationally. The group strategic sourcing team targets those categories of spend which have applicability to multiple business units and runs a robust evaluation process.  Corporate suppliers are selected based on our priorities and a view towards a long term relationship. Project suppliers tend to be selected on a fixed term basis for products or services with a specific or specialised local need.  To become a corporate supplier, please register your interest online. 

To provide products and services to an individual project, suppliers are encouraged to contact those projects directly.  However, both groups have access to the supplier database.

If we already provide services or products to Thiess should we still register?

The team has likely already categorised your offering and has entered this into our database.  It is not necessary for you to register again, however if your business range or other details have changed, it is a good idea to register and update us.

What should we do if we have an offer that Thiess simply must see?

Please send an e-mail to  describing the situation. This e-mail is reviewed daily and funnelled to the relevant category manager for assessment.

Must we be able to trade electronically to supply to Thiess?

Thiess is looking to electronically enable all suppliers who provide goods or services to one or more site. 

Do we need to supply our products or service to all Thiess to be considered?

No.  Thiess uses a combination of local and national suppliers.


I cannot start the registration process?

Please contact

My registration will not go through due to some technical problem?

Be sure ALL required information has been entered. Only complete online profiles will be accepted. If all required fields have been populated, please mail to to report your problem. Include any error message you receive.

How do I know when I am registered in Thiess system?

You will receive an email confirmation notice once you have successfully submitted your online registration.

Can more than one person register from the same company?

Yes, more than one person can register within the same company.

Who has access to my information?

Your company information will be made available to Thiess staff.

Can I save a partially completed registration?

No, you must complete all required information and "submit" for your registration to be successful.

What do I do if I can't find my product or service listed in the CATEGORY section?

Go to the UNSPSC website  and search for your category that best fits the goods or services supplied by your organisation. Once you have found it you must enter both the UNSPSC ID and the UNSPSC Name.

What are UNSPSC Codes?

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®) provides an open, global multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services. Search the code on to locate category codes that can be used for identifying your goods or services.

I was part way through my registration and lost power/access – do I start over?

Yes, you will need to start over.

Do I have to have an ABN to register?

Yes, you need an ABN number to register.

Is there a cost to register?

No, there is no charge to register as a supplier.

Are there minimum requirements to register as a supplier via this process?

You must have an ABN and complete all the mandatory fields.

After we have registered, what’s next?

Thiess independently schedules sourcing events based on demand or changes to the market.  By registering with us your company name will be entered into our database and reviewed when we next go to market for that category.