We work closely with our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with all relevant industry standards and to exceed those standards where possible across our construction, mining and services projects.

Our supply chain is managed by a centralised strategic sourcing team and local project resources. Both groups are responsible for: obtaining sources of supply; initiating requests for goods and services; negotiating pricing and contracts; and managing supplier relationships. The strategic sourcing team’s focus is the development of whole-of-Thiess contracts which include annual, multi-year or open ended partnerships and custom agreements with specialist suppliers. This enables us to leverage greater value on behalf of our clients and project partners.

We employ uniform procedures for establishing, negotiating, awarding and administering contracts with suppliers. Where national or regional contracts are warranted, our sourcing team works with business units and projects to identify prospective suppliers and call for proposals. Our systems are designed to ensure the intellectual property of suppliers is protected.

We have policies in place which govern how each business unit and project may commit funds, including approval limits and processes defining the levels of expenditure which require competitive tendering. Business units are responsible for placing orders for goods or services, receiving and accepting goods and services and preparing authorised payments to suppliers. This creates rigorous accountability across our operations.

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